Sunday- $1 off quesadillas, Mon & Tues, $1 off cheese plates, Wed- $1 off nachos, Thursdays- $1 off pizzas and classic film night!
KARAOKE- NEW FUN- 9 pm every Monday
   Special Events and Music

Fri Jan 20,  6:30-8:00 PM, A wine tasting event is scheduled with wines from Sanctuary Vineyards, a local NC Outer Banks Wine Destination There is no cover charge for the tasting event.  Featured bottles to be presented by Logan of Freedom Beverage  include wines -on special sale  -  20% off selected bottles - without corkage fees for in house enjoyment.  Stay for fun and live music!

Fri Jan 20, 8-11 PM (or later),  Casablanca, a talented trio of musicians, will provide music from the silver screen for your listening and dancing pleasure. The music (with your imagination to help) will take you to Rick's Bar in Morocco and on to other exotic places.

Sat Jan 21, Welcome Ed Prophet of Backseat Romeo back to CruEd  is a  singer-guitarist--songwriter from New Bern, NC. You'll enjoy some of his original musical creations plus some old favorites.

Wed. Jan 18: 7-8 pm. Edgar Allen Poe Literary Bday
And fun with a Boulevard Beer Pairing even
                                                                                           Call for Information: 252 728 3066